13 signs you’re a clairvoyant


A clairvoyant’s experience of their gift is subtle – it’s certainly not like the kinds of experiences you’ll see in a TV drama.

In reality, the visions you might experience as a clairvoyant are likely to happen just in your mind’s eye (even when your eyes are open), so it can be easy to fool yourself into thinking you have an overactive imagination or it’s just your brain making it all up.

The word ‘clairvoyance’ roughly translates as ‘clear seeing’ and if you’ve had multiple, regular experiences, you might start wondering if you’re a seer. Here are thirteen ways to tell for sure:

  1. You’re always daydreaming. Do you find it easy to imagine yourself in a variety of circumstances that would otherwise be entirely alien for you? Do you experience vivid dreams while sleeping in which you are shown the way around a problem? If you find yourself slipping into reverie often, even when you should be focusing on something else, you might be clairvoyant.
  2. You’re known as imaginative, and then some. Seers usually have an overactive imagination that runs away from them all the time, sometimes beyond their conscious control. That’s nothing to be ashamed of; the ability to visualize is a massive part of being clairvoyant.
  3. You see dead people. When your Third Eye is fully open, you might start to see ghosts and spirits in unexpected places. This is next level clairvoyance and can come in different strengths. You could catch something flitting at the corner of your eye (see point 6), unfriendly or talkative entities (usually spirits) or apparitions that seem to be there, ignoring you (most likely ghosts). If you see loved ones who’ve passed on, you might be a psychic medium. If you have this skill, you could be a good candidate for giving clairvoyant readings or spiritual readings, as these are sought after talents.
  4. You always know where you are no matter what. If your friends have nicknamed you the human GPS, you might want to consider whether you’re a clairvoyant. This is another aspect of the unique ability seers and psychics have to visualise how things really are around them.
  5. You can see people’s auras. This is a definite sign that you’re a clairvoyant. Easier to see if you’re relaxed, auras are the natural electromagnetic energy that every person or living thing emits and it can tell you a lot about them. If you think of people in terms of the coloured lights they emanate, you might want to get further training to expand this gift.
  6. You see something in the corner of your eye. Whether it’s a spirit, ghost, angel or guide, regularly seeing something moving just on the edge of your range of vision that stops when you try to look directly at it is a good indication you might be clairvoyant.

Other signs you might be clairvoyant:

  1. Experiencing synchronicity more often than others
  2. Thinking of specific individuals just moments before they get in touch
  3. Dreams that come to pass
  4. Frequent feelings of déjà vu
  5. Suddenly knowing a family member or loved one needs you – before they call for help
  6. Clearly feeling another person’s pain
  7. Finding public places overwhelming because you can’t stop feeling others’ energy.