Insights into your love life that a fortune teller can give you


Whether you’re feeling a little bit lost about love, looking to find the right relationship path forward or wanting to know how your future love life will unfold, psychic readings or love tarot card spreads by a professional fortune teller can help give you powerful insights and the peace of mind you seek.

What questions about love should I ask my psychic?

It’s worth putting together a few questions you’d like to ask in advance to make the most of your spiritual readings.

Having your love reading done is an intimate experience – you need to take time to trust and connect with your psychic. Also, different psychics have different gifts – and they’ll tune into your energy in different ways. You need to be open and in the moment to build a connection.

That being said, there are some rules for asking questions of a fortune teller if you want the most satisfying result. When it comes to this, how you phrase the question is of utmost importance

  1. Don’t ask a passive question. Great love tarot readings will be more in-depth than a simple yes or no answer. Try not to pose a problem starting with “Will I…” such as, “Will I get married soon?” or “Will my next date be ‘The One’?” such questions don’t allow for your own free will in making decisions. The future is fluid – what you do affects it. So, try prompting for further information with questions like: “How can I improve my chances of finding ‘The One’?”
  2. Don’t ask for reassurance. Similarly, any question that starts with “Should I…” is also a no-no when working with a fortune teller or love tarot reader. It suggests that you’ve already made your mind up and just want support for your decision. Instead, keep your opportunities for finding another way forward open and ask things like, “Why do I keep following the same love pattern?” or “What can I do to make my relationship stronger?”
  3. Keep your question scope broad. There’s a reason “Where? When? Who? How?” are known as the journalist’s questions – they aim to pin down specific information rather than see the bigger picture you’re exploring in a spiritual reading. Again, keeping your mind open to possibilities is the key to a great love reading – ask “What can I do to attract Mr Right?” for a more rewarding outcome.

Four examples of the kinds of questions you should ask a psychic about love.

  • How can I keep myself open to true love?
  • What guidance do the spirits have for helping me save my marriage?
  • What does the universe want me to know about my love life?
  • How do I best follow my heart?

Four examples of the kind of questions you should ask a tarot reader about love.

  • What are my true feelings about this relationship?
  • How does my partner feel about x?
  • What is the long term potential of this love match?
  • Are there any underlying problems that are stopping me from achieving my desires?