Is fortune telling bad luck?


The future is never known. It is one of the great mysteries of mankind, which may never be certainly answered. Our lives and decisions are made of luck and chance, both of which are important parts of the human experience. Yet, some people claim to have an insight into various pathways our lives may take.

These people are known as fortune tellers.

Fortune tellers have the gifts to decipher the patterns and messages of the universe, and offer their guidance to point those in the direction of good fortune, and good luck.

But can fortune telling bring bad luck?

Whilst there are many symbols associated with bad luck like black cats, the number thirteen, the number four in China, breaking a mirror walking underneath ladders, and spilling salt, none of these are interrelated with fortune telling. It was through legends and attempts to understand the unexplainable, that many of these superstitions were created. Unfortunately, because of a similar lack of understanding in fortune telling, it came to pass that two would become affiliated.

There are many forms of fortune telling, including tarot cards, palm readings, astrology, numerology, reading bones, and tealeaf readings, all of which hope to direct the client to a path of prosperity and joy.

Having your fortune read can give hope and direction in your life, by allowing you knowledge of what you are working towards. A newfound optimism can be achieved that despite the negative aspects of life, positivity and happiness will be reached. This is one of the main aims fortune tellers seek to accomplish.

Reassurance is another aspect of fortune telling. Once big decisions have been made, individuals made seek reassurance that the correct choice was made. This can bring a sense of relief, with a positive attitude and mindset. With less time and effort stressing over past decisions, more time will become available to enjoy the people and things around you in the present moment, and plan for the future. It is not bad luck to know your life is on the path that will bring you satisfaction and pleasure.

Fortune telling can also guide an individual away from the path of bad luck. Bad things happen to all people, but some instances can be avoided. One man consulted a psychic before vacationing with his wife and son. He was advised against his trip due to a prediction that his son will fall terribly ill from a lethal disease. The decision to talk to a fortune teller and change the vacation location may have saved his son’s life.

Also, as fortune telling has been around for millennia. People want to feel more relaxed about the unknown and to be able to interpret whether it is just them who are suffering from bad luck.  

Having the knowledge and understanding where your life is headed can bring much positivity and optimism. It is not bad luck to know where you are going, and enjoy your life in the present moment.